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Home Invasion Seminar

Event Date: 
Saturday, July 21, 2012 - 9:00am - 1:00pm

An invasion has taken place. It started a long time ago. But today, right here, right now it continues with more severity. Each day we succumb to modern day luxuries that we call convenience. But in truth, we are succumbing to deceptive devices that are invading our Christian walk. The smallest of things: a drink, a meal, TV shows, movies, video games, a song, even types of clothing all are devices that the evil one has used to invade our homes and lives. Over time, these things have become more prevalent. The small things become acceptable and turn into every day habits. They become common place and grow into larger parts of what we do and who we become.

The time has come. We must be made aware of what is invading our homes, our lives and what is driving a wedge in our true discipleship with Christ. We must stand informed and turn the tide. The only thing that should be invading our homes and our lives is Jesus. The time is now. For tomorrow is not promised. Join Pastor David Schmall as he presents the truth of the enemies’ invasion into our Christian walk and bring to light what we have allowed to invade our homes.

Home Invasion
Presented by Pastor David Schmall
Findlay Lincoln Community Room
310 Gibson Road Henderson, NV 89014

Look forward to seeing you there.

Organizer Information
Organizer name: 
Caryn Schmall
Organizer e-mail: 
[email protected]



I am excited to hear what

I am excited to hear what pastor Dave has to say. His teachings are always hard hitting and to the point. I know that he has been preparing for this for quite some time and can not wait to hear what he has to say on this topic. it is interesting to think about what truly is invading our homes today. There is probably much that we overlook and do not even realize. Looking forward to finding out what those are on July 21st.


For those who have asked, I

For those who have asked, I have verified that this is of course FREE TO ATTEND. Pastor Dave never has nor would he charge for anything. Thank you to those who have asked. Once again, it is FREE To ATTEND. God bless you all!

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