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"This is Love" Musical Film

Event Date: 
Thursday, April 25, 2013 (All day) - Tuesday, May 7, 2013 (All day)

Production Title: “This is Love”
Genre: Musical
Director/Writer: Caleb Smith
Compensation: Copy, Credit, Meals
Logline: “A small-town preacher marries a high-class prostitute and all hell breaks lose, as he tries to show her heavenly love and prove he’s not like the other men she’s known.”
How to Audition: Email head-shot and/or body-shot, along with a resume to [email protected] and we will give you more details.

Seeking Singers, Actors, Dancers. (Specific roles below. Singing roles are marked with *)

* Narrator (18-35) M: The narrator brings us into the story and ushers us back out of it at the end.

* Hosea (18-30) M: Young preacher who falls in love with the prostitute, Satine.

* Satine (18-30) F: The young prostitute who, against her will, marries Hosea. She is adult Gomer, who hides behind her stage name, Satine.

* Young Gomer (7-10) F: The little girl, who one day grows up into the prostitute, Satine.

* Juliet (mid 20's - early 30's) F: Gomer's adoring mother.

Dorian (mid 20's - early 30's) M: Gomer's disapproving father

Doctor (25 +) M/F: Doctor who helps Satine once

Store Clerk (18+) M: Man who helps Hosea while buying supplies

* Jacob Folley (18-30) M: Owner of the town brothel, this handsome fellow is respected by all and feared by most. He has a solid grip on the town, and the people in it.

Hester (early 40's - early 50's) F: Prostitute who took Satine under her wing.

Grendel (18-30) M: He is the muscle and intimidation behind Jacob, bodyguard and enforcer, a puppet in Jacob's villainous grasp.

Jezabel (15-30) F: The prostitute who is jealous of Satine's popularity, and wants her out of the brothel.

Man (18-40) M: Just a random guy who goes to the brothel

Old Hosea (50-70) M: Hosea aged and worn by time.

Old Gomer (50-70) F: Gomer aged and worn by time.

* Extras/Background (Teen and up) M/F: Dancers, Singers, ect who bring the sets, songs, and dances to life. (We are particularly in need of more male dancers.)

Please see to donate.

Organizer Information
Organizer name: 
Caleb Smith
Organizer e-mail: 
[email protected]


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