Father's Day 2018 - "Hot Husband" - Non-Facebook

Often times men might think it’s how good looking they are or how successful they are that their spouse finds most attractive, but the truth is most wives had other ideas about what really makes a "Hot Husband!" 

Check out the list!

1. He loves, honors and serves God (and seeing that encourages me to do that as well).

2. He prays for me and with me.

3. He is a devoted and involved father.
(Example: He reads scripture to them. He prays with them, plays with them, etc.)

4. He pays attention to the little things.
(Example: He knows my likes and dislikes. He helps me with my coat. He listens.)

5. He is selfless.
(Example: He works hard, yet still makes time for us. He plans “spur of the moment” date nights to surprise me, Even if he’s tired he lets me blow off steam about something.)

All this week, capture and share a photo of your "hot husband" doing whatever it is that you find attractive about him. Whether that's coaching soccer, washing dishes or praying with the kids... it's up to you! 

We'll choose one dad each day this week (M-F) to win 


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