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After 2yrs of working p/t and being homeless with my family, things are turning around. I was tithing my 10% working p/t and recently I was promoted. My pastor gave a great sermon on tithing and giving so I decided to up the tithe based on what I make now. But now my husband isnt getting any hours at his job and I dont want to feel like I have to give to expect to receive more. I want to give more from my heart. Its been something I'm fighting with mentally. I was thinking of rejoining the friendship monthly give to SOS. I was one of many who had to stop giving. I figured if I tithe at my church and give monthly to SOS, it would cover my 10% tithe. Im very confused, I want to give but I feel like Im not giving from my heart.

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Dear Tither, I don't know if

Dear Tither,
I don't know if what I have to say will help. I will say a prayer for you and I know you are praying about what will most please The Lord also. I can share that I have at times been tempted to think that when things are difficult my tithe is like a "deposit" towards Gods promise to bless me. Yuck! I feel like my needy-ness causes me to expect more from The Lord as opposed to when everything is fine I'm just thankful. I don't know if that is kind of what you are saying.... Anyway I usually try to overcome that by remembering that even if my giving sometimes feels smudged by my sin, it matters to God that I'm choosing to be obedient with my actions regardless of how I feel. God is Good to us anyway and he will see your heart either way, besides your own words make it obvious your grieved by not being able to rejoice in your giving. What an irony. God bless you and your obedience. It's a testimony. Praise The Lord for what he has done and your trust in him through these trials.


hello the lord says he enjoys

hello the lord says he enjoys a greatful giver! dont worrie god will not love you any less for not tithing or having to tith less. i am praying for you! if you can do 10% do it. but in the bible it was better for the lady who gave a penny bc it was all she had and she gave joyfully, then the men who gave thousands. if u give to the radio station it will help many of people and maybe god wants you too give both to ur church and to the radio. ask god and he will answer. dont let satan come in and make u confused or guilty. you can do this! Jesus loves you and has a great purpose for you now and forever!

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