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16 year old daughter

Please pray for our 16 year old daughter. Her name is Cecilia. She is involved in drug use and is very sexually permiscous. She is under the impression that marijuana is not going to harm her. She also believes that she is in control of the situation and says that it will not lead to anything else. She has had somewhat of a difficult life. Her biological father has been in prison since I was 5 months pregnant with her. When she was one I got involved in an abusive relationship. So we went through that for 5 and a half years. He wasn't abusive just to me also with the children. We got out of that mess in 2003. And since then we have had a much better life but have had some other issues to overcome.I remarried and my husband legally adopted her and 3 of my other children. He loves them as if they are his own biological children. My husband and I are so afraid for her and began to lose hope. Bu t yesterday, I went to receive some biblical guidance and feel hopeful, once again. I know that God can and will bring her through this. It is going to take lots of prayer, love and boundaries and consequences. Please help us by praying.She has also struggled with being over weight since elementary. She has 6 other siblings. Her being the only one over weight. She has become completely out of control. Not only her behavior but also her mouth, the way she speaks to us and the language she uses. Well thank you all so much.


Tiffani Diuguid

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Tiffani Diuguid
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I pray things get better. I'm

I pray things get better. I'm 16 and have been troubled with being overweight too. I know what its like. I'm not a parent or anything but I truly pray things get better.


What you and your husband

What you and your husband have to do is to be committed to god and never doubt his power because no mater what he will always be there heeling your daughter. today i declare that your daughter is heeled and free, and don't forget to let god guide your life.

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