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16 year old son needs prayers

My son is 16 and not doing good at all, the choices he makes are not good, he is headed down a very bad road. Please pray for him, that God will have his hand of protection over him and that my son will come to see the light. I am afraid it will get worse before getting better, please keep him in your prayers!!

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I can relate to your ache. I

I can relate to your ache. I had to keep putting my son in God's hands too. He quit school and did many things that could have lead him to a serious spiral... "But God" got him an airplane ticket and took him to his uncles where he saw first hand where his path was leading, i just had to let him go and give him to God (and it wasn't easy) cause everything people said to do never worked it only made things worse. I Hope in God's path for him and pray that God Will Gently and Kindly lead my sons path to His like the merging lane on the freeway and he doesn't see it happen til it's already done. Now He's going to adult ed and trying to get into Job Corps... I give him bus money but he does it on his own. God can do anything! Everything!
Hope In Jesus!!


I have a 16 year son as well

I have a 16 year son as well and I know the pain and frustration you must be going through. I struggle raising him and his siblings alone. I will pray for you and God's guidance and protection for your son.

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