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8 week old nephew in critcal condition in SA, TX

My little nephew (actually 'great' nephew) needs many prayers. A few days ago my niece left him for the first time with his father. When she returned home, she found the little guy crying and severe swelling to the left side of his head. She took him immediately to the hospital where he went right in for brain surgery. He was not expected to live due to the damage.

We all know the power of prayer and he has had a lot of prayers and has made it much longer than the doctors thought he would already. The last MRI of his brain done today is showing severe damage to major parts of the left side of his brain - which would indicate he will not be able to read, speak, move the right side of his body, or feed himself.

I am trying to get as many believers as I can praying for him, because I believe prayer can turn into miracles and Rylan needs miracles. Doctors are not predicting a bright or normal future for him. But we all know God is all powerful and anything can happen with prayer. He has a long journey to recovery, but with prayer he will never be alone.

Thank you.

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Praying for Rylan!! Jesus

Praying for Rylan!! Jesus bless you.

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