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Abandoned again

Hi, my name is Linda and im asking for prayer concerning my marriage. My husband and i are separated. He walked out on me to be with someone else. I'm disabled with a bladder disease, so this made it extremely hard. We reconciled after my Mom went home to be with Jesus. 4 months later, his girlfriend banged on the front door informing me it wasn't over. My husband and i are living apart once again... I don't believe in divorce --please pray that i make the correct choices according to Gods Word. Serving Christ Jesus brings me so much Joy--also need prayer for my health to Serve in the Body of Christ~* Jesus Bless you

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I cannot tell you what you

I cannot tell you what you should do, however, look in Corinthians and see that when adultery has been committed, God allows divorce. He abhors it, but He allows it. God won't put that on your heart, it is a personal choice. But know that He will hold you blameless.

Should you continue to choose to stay, it is not you who needs prayer so much as your husband. Therefore, I can say I will pray for you, but I will pray more for him.

Keep walking with Christ, and go in peace.


Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your Prayers and Wisdom.
This really helped me.
JESUS Bless you~*


Remember the devil is out

Remember the devil is out there and in any way or shape he will try to destroy what GOD has created. He created your Marriage and by staying with your husband you have triumph against the devil.

You do have an option of what to do, but remember forgiveness is great.

Put your eyes in the Lord, he will guide you and only he can really answer you. Follow GOD he will give you the guidance you need.


Thank you for your Wise words

Thank you for your Wise words of encouragement.
JESUS Bless you~*

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