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My name is Brenda. My brother (Garrett) and sister-in-law (Sarah) are going in to court today. They have had a very hard struggle with the adoption of a little boy. Child protective services removed him from his mom who sadly was not the best at being a mom, his dad was in jail. My brothers family had had the child in their home for about a year when the biological dad got out of jail and tried to fight for custody, seeings how he had just got out of jail he was denied custody. Both of the child's biological parents rights have been revoked. When Garrett, Sarah and the rest of my family walk out of the court room today the little boy that we have all grown to love so very much will forever more be known as Moses Vogel. I just want to thank God for this great gift.

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Auntie Brenda
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AMEN! Glory to GOD! He loves

AMEN! Glory to GOD! He loves us SO MUCH and HE fights for us when we allow Him to!

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