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All I want for Christmas is my Home.

It's to long of a story. Anyway: In a nutshell: It's our 2nd mortgage, they are same lender as the first and modified the first. But will not work w/us on the second, lack of income!? If the Lord willing: That He would please lead us thur this by trusting him, showing us his will and way, and not our way. I no longer know what to do. This is be going on since 2009. We are both in our 50's and not knowing what all our resouces are to help. We did not over buy, just both lost our jobs, but now working "Praise God". Please Jesus, we are trusting and are wait on you. Is this wrong to ask for prayer? We are just trying to survive. Am I being selfish not wanting to lose my home? I do not know what the Lord wants me to do...
Thank you and God Bless all of you at SOS. Listner since 1995. Your brother & sister in Christ, Steve & Teresa C.

Note: We have been working w/Lady, but feel she has lead us the wrong path and now we are finding ourselfs worst off. This is our fault.

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Dear Steve and Theresa. in

Dear Steve and Theresa.

in 2008 both my husband and I lost our jobs within 2 months of one another. we are in the same age bracket as you are. We also had good jobs and had a home we loved. Two things I learned that GOD had in mind for us.

1. He wanted to move us from the East coast to the west coast.
2. He began to wean us off the world's system.. and He began to teach us about living by faith..and used Elijah's Story about when the Ravens fed him by the brook.

GOD moved us with NO money in our own pockets.. but used others.. and just so we knew it was HIM.. my car broke down and our money ran out in New Mexico where we were stuck and used up the rest of the money..all but 40.00 in the four days we were there.

GOD came through with the rest of the money to get 4 dogs, a uhaul, and an SUV the rest of the way.. but I was mad... instead of thankful.

I sat alone with the LORD and said: "How come You only give us what we NEED to the penny? Why can you not give us a little extra?"

He replied... " As Long as I give you ONE STONE to step on after the other.. what is that to you?"

As I thought about that.. I began to praise HIM and be thankful. We have lived like that now.. having Him place one stone after before our steps everyday now for the last year and a half. Sometimes it includes jobs.. sometimes it includes pure faith and a stranger handing you a bag of food or a one hundred dollar bill saying.. "We felt to give you this." It has made us VERY humble. But now? I don't worry anymore.. GOD WILL PROVIDE.. HE PROMISED. We just ask HIM alone and HE makes a way in HIS own time.. according to HIM plan. ALL best!

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