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My mother and I have been arguing alot lately.Most of it is about very simple things but i hate to argu with her.I would ery much appreciate it if you prayed for my mom and I to look past simple things and not argu.Thank you and God bless all!

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My husband and I say that are

My husband and I say that are a butt of God's sense of humor. The only thing we have in common is GOD and miracle whip! I lie not. If he like something, I hate it. If I like it, he hates it. We have laughed so hard over this and have cried all the more. We even divorced for 2 years out of sheer frustration. But.. I missed him and he me and we talked on the phone every day. The thing we needed to quit doing.. (I am speaking of us) is to get rid of our individual pride and the need to be 'right'. This made us like 2 world's colliding.. when GOD meant for us to 'compliment' one another instead. That took humility and the willingness to really listen to one another's heart and honor and respect feelings. To try and understand the other with the LORD's help and for one of us to submit to the other.. or to prefer the other.
It took and it taking LOTS of practice and sometimes still we just have to agree to disagree, but over time it's helping us. Hope this encourages you. Love in Christ. Praying.

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