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Baby Jayden, *Please prayer for this one year old little girl.*

Baby Jayden is just a year old and lives in a hospital in Baker, CA. She was born with some birth defects so she has never been outside the hospital. She has been in state custody since she was born. On Dec 9, her tracheotomy tube fell out, and she suffered at least 2 strokes. She is on life support now, and doctors say she has no brain activity. They have decided to give her 90 days, to see if she can recover before taking her off life support.
She is the granddaughter of a family friend. Though I don't know this child personally, the Lord has put it in my heart to pray for this child continually. I have never done anything like this, but I would like to gather as much support and especially prayer as I can for her. I have hope that God will heal her. Ultimately, His will be done, and whatever brings glory to His name, but I am asking... begging, for total healing.

Below is a link to the facebook wall created for her.

Rod Kirk

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Rod Kirk
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Praying with you Rod!

Praying with you Rod!

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