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Baby on the way and struggling

Hello I really need all the prayers possible, my baby is gonna be born the end of February, me and my husband both work, but my job is stable his is only part time. I don't get paid for maternity leave and we're just counting on his job. My husband was in jail a couple of years ago but is still on parole which it means he's still has to comply with them. His parole is out of town, in other words he's home with us but he shouldn't be here. Now is required to take some classes as part of his probation but he has to do this out of town. The classes are 23 consecutive days so he's gonna have to quit his job leaving us with no income for the whole month that I'm gonna be on maternity leave. Our families are not able to help us either since they're also living pay check to pay check. We all make choices and this is probably consequence of the bad choices we've made. I know God is not gonna let us down but is hard not to stress out and worry, also added to the struggling is him being away from home.
I ask for prayers please and I really hope God bless you and us. Have a beautiful day and thanks from the bottom of my heart

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To help relieve some of the

To help relieve some of the financial burden you could look to a pregnancy resource center. They help out with diapers wipes clothes and things like that. I know how much diapers can cost as I have been buying them for 15 years non stop now (I have 6 kids from 15 to 8mos). By doing this you will be saving some money to help put towards the bill. Also look into getting on disability for the month that you are out of work. It might take a month to see the pay but it will help you in the long run. One other thing to think about is remember that God WILL provide.

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