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Life is hard. Need a car for my daughter so she can go to school and work. Second car broke dwn. Needs new engine $1,300 to fix. Rather get another car. Job hours got cut down to 18hrs a week. I only get paid $8.50 an hr. I am so grateful that I have a job God has blessed me with that. But I do need a full time job or at least 24hrs a week to make rent. Food stamps got cut back as well. I don't know how I am going to make it this month. Daughter only works 12hrs a week or 15. Son going to need a car soon to. I drive every day to henderson for school. It's a magnet school SETCA on Russell. Please help me I'm so lost right now. Can't even go to church on sundays cause of work.

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Ask God for his peace through

Ask God for his peace through your difficult times. He will never hand you something that is too much to bear. Spend more time in His word and honestly ask for His grace. Sometimes the only way we listen to the Holy Spirit is when God places a bump in our path. I will pray that your Christian life remains strong through the rough patches. Christianity is a battlefield!

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