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bank acquires back my house

Pls pray that the bank will accept my long term plan to pay off my outstanding loan .if not my family will be homeless.

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Dear Branden, Remember the

Dear Branden,

Remember the story about how Elijah SAW what Jezebel said? It instilled great, great FEAR into this man of God. Do you know that the enemy is also trying to instill fear into you? As God's child He has made an oath.. great and precious promises sealed in His own blood. Hear is what He is saying to you:

1. Fear not for I AM with you. Is.41:10
2. I know the plans "I" have for you Jer. 33:3
3. The steps of a man are established by the LORD, And He delights in his way. Ps. 37:23

Branden there are so many 'great and precious promises' and although i know it is easy to just quote all of these things like quick fixes, I actually KNOW about the fear of losing your home because we lost ours. (not that this will be your situation), but the Lord brought me and my family all the way across the country and told us to leave all behind and we did. After HE paid our way, HE provided us with a small new home to rent and all the furniture we needed. I guess what I am trying to communicate is when we go to the LORD and not people for our needs and we wait in faith and patience HE WILL ACT on our behalf 'to show Himself STRONG' You and your family are not in the hands of MAN, but in the HANDS of GOD and are SAFER than you can ever fully know. Praying with you.

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