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Battling fear and other stuff

I recently realized that eventhough consciously I know that I cannot mess up God's plan for me or disappoint him some part of me fears that I will do both of those things. I also doubt myself a lot. I constantly struggle to figure out if something I am wanting to do or am feeling is from God or not. I also struggle with beating myself up for mistakes and forgetting things. I usually just use one or two words to do this, but I know God does not want me to do it at all. I want a more intimate relationship with God and I want the doubt and fear Gone.

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Tania, I just wanted to let

Tania, I just wanted to let you know first of all how normal this is, and that your not alone:) second of all I hope you know just how much of a treasure you are and the high price that god has paid for you, after you realize this I want you to tell your self just how beautiful and smart you are, because the struggle you are feeling is internal, and you need to realize that you can never disappoint god, the bible says that even before we have commited a sin that god has forgiven us, how awesome is that:) remember this " pray to god before you make a decision and he will give you, an answer on what to do." If you ever have any questions on whether or not your on the path that god had created for you just pray and you'll be surprised how fast god will answer you!!!
love a good friend!!!


Thank you. I appreciate the

Thank you. I appreciate the encouragement and the prayers.

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