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My daughter and her family invited me to live with them when I became disabled a couple of years ago. We do have our disagreements at times but manage to work them out without too much difficulty. There is one particular disagreement we have that we both have difficulty coming to terms with and hold on to some bitterness afterwards. I have 2 grandsons-ages 4 1/2 and 16 years old. Both are boys. Keep in mind we are all Christians and try to serve Jesus but when it comes to my 2 grandsons I find I'm having a hard time. My major concern is I have trouble with how she talks to the boys; her voice is loud and she says hurtful things. The discipline she dishes out is never consistent so if I'm confused I can only imagine how they feel. There has to be something in God's word that addresses this type of situation. So come on you guys let me know. Thank You. Sincerely, a loving Grandma

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