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being single

i do have serval of prayer request but my main one is finding me a godly companine for myself. i has been very hard of me to wait on the lord for one. but i'am hanging in their. but i know that deep in my heart that their is someone out their for me. So you agree with me by praying with me for a godly companie. thank you very much.

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When I was 23 God brought

When I was 23 God brought someone into my life. I did not fall in love with them.. but GOD made it clear this was the person for me and I was asked to choose to love them. We were married for 11 years and then he died. I asked the LORD in time if He had someone else for me and our kids? He took me to the story of Isaac and Rebecca. I did exactly what the servant did. I wrote in a secret place how I would know the ONE GOD CHOSE for me.
It happened just as I wrote it. God desires to choose our mates for us. But He does it differently with each of us. Just follow His lead. I still had to choose to love this other person too.. but the love that comes is from deep within over time rather than just the mere outward attraction. We have had a stormy time at times.. but now we have been together for about 18 years and through this relationship GOD has changed ME so much. Just wait on the LORD you will not be disappointed for HE had made one just for YOU.

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