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being a single christain

I need your prayers cause im 33 years old I'm still a single Christian. where i live right now it is very hard to meet people or get to know that person. and to I'm trying really hard to stay content until the lord says it is time for me to settle down. thanks

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I totally understand where

I totally understand where you are right now. I am a 34 year old single mother who has been waiting about nine years for the Lord to send me "The One". I made a vow to not be sexually involved with anyone until marriage back in 2002. I was faithful to my vow until I faced some huge hurts in my life. At that point I gave up on everything. I was upset with God because the hurt came from within my church. I couldn't believe that He would allow me to go through such hurt. I left that church and my life was a downward spiral from that point. I returned to the mess that God had rescued me from years before. For 2 years I wandered here and there,just searching for peace and happiness, all the while knowing that what I was looking for was that joy that only God could give me. I replanted myself back in a church and I am close to my Pastor's wife, but the past hurts are always in the back of my mind. I get very angry with myself for going back to the muck and mire of my past life. I hate that I cant tell my future husband that I made a vow and kept it for 10 years because I ruined it when I made dumb decisions, but I have been able to encourage other women to keep their purity no matter what. The satisfaction that worldy activity brings is only temporary. The joy of the Lord is eternal..... Don't worry! God is molding and shaping that special someone for you. Just don't lose focus on God.IT'S HARD!!! I'm not saying it isn't but just know that whoever God has for you will definitely be worth the wait. Be Blessed!

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