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Hi my name is Valerie and I am a mom of a 6 year old. I have been blessed no matter if i am in my season or not and this past year has been really rough on me and even exciting for me.
My year started out very rocky. I had my mom who underwent back surgery. She is doing good but still healing. My ex who is the father of my 6 year old was almost homeless and I had to open my doors for him. This was a terrible time for me. I was miserable and depressed. Then his mom came in from California for a visit then ended up staying. Me struggling with myself and the bills over my head was even getting rougher. But i open the doors for her as well and tried the best I could do to make everyone happy. Now I had all of us in my place and trying to do the best I could do. I don't receive help from anyone or anywhere. I work and always think of other people before myself. even tithing and giving at church. I serve because I am a people person. But seldom think of myself. The beginning of this month my ex and his mom moved out leaving me with bills high. Asking them to help me but struggling with everything. And them not helping me at all. But I believe everything happens for a reason.
This past weekend made me realize something which is what made me write this. On Sunday I was wrapping some small gifts that I was able to buy my son, and as I put it under the tree my son came to me saying....Mommy I feel sad. I said why? He replied, because I didn't buy anyone anything for Christmas. Now, I only get paid twice a month and that is the first and the 15th. all I had left to my name was $50.00 to go towards my water bill. And am totally broke and didn't have anything left for anything. Not even gas money. It just killed me that he was telling me this. That he was thinking of other people besides himself. So, I took my son to Kmart and he picked out gift that were like $5.oo each. well the total came to $49. and change. I began to feel soooo bad but couldn't show him my reaction as he is only 6 and was soooo excited to get his family something. He literally wrapped up everything.
So, I would like to request prayer to help me get out of this hole I'm in. A blessing to my son and a prayer to heal my mom. Also a prayer to help move get to a better position at my job. I am like the office manager with out the pay and take on everything. But am blessed to have a job.
On a good note I did finally met the best man ever. After being single for more than 5 years. He is good to me and my son but is also struggling to get a good job as a trucker. I pray that he can find this job and move forward.
I pray this in Jesus name who I know has not forsaken me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Valerie Gonzalez
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Thank you for any and all

Thank you for any and all prayers.....God Bless

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