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Better Relationship with God

I've been going to church for the past year. I am getting closer and closer to God, I am only a teen and i get tempted to do stuff I am not supposed to do. I need help in that, but i always lose hope.

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Jesenia Fuentes
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Hello Jesenia:) I am also a

Hello Jesenia:)
I am also a teenager so I completely understand what your going through I myself am going through the same thing, but one thing I always keep in mind " I can do everything through god who gives me strength". Another thing that I try to keep in mind is do what you think god would want you to do in a situation in where you might get tempted to do things.
Hope this helps, a good friend!!!


Hi Jesenia, Do not loose

Hi Jesenia,

Do not loose hope. Jesus died to set you free. We are all tempted to things that we shouldn't do. When we have those times, as that God will give you the strength and a way out. He always will.

We all do things that are not pleasing to the Lord, that is why he sent the perfect sacrifice in our place.

Keep your eyes on God, and he will help you through. Don't give up. His plans for our lives are for good.

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