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Pray for a son with alcoholism

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I pray for your son to not

I pray for your son to not give up, to realize in the darkest situation that there is hope. I pray for God to remove all the guilt, shame and morbid reflection that your son may suffer from. I pray for your son to realize that he doesn't have to get sober alone. I pray for your son to realize he is not unique that there are many of us alcoholics out there that understand him, understand the torment going on in his mind, struggling to stay sober one day at a time. I pray that today God today weakens your son enough emotional so that your son comes to his knees and surrenders and that he asks for help in the name of Jesus Christ our son and Savior. amen. god bless you.


My brother also has

My brother also has alcoholism and I know exactly how painful it can be. I want you to know I'm praying for you.
We just need to be strong because they are struggling right now. My mother is not as supportive as she should be for him. She is trying to make it about her, when it's not. It's about my brother and his struggles. I pray every day that someone near him is able to help bring him back to Christ. I live far away so he can't go to church with me, but I think he would if he had a friend to go with. Stay strong, God will help. <3

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