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I lost my mom last week on October 30th. She left us unexpectedly and all alone, which breaks my heart. In the process of going through her things over the past week, I have found that my mom had an enormous love for us kids,even more than we had ever imagined. The thing that struck us is she knew she was dying but determined it was not going to be in a hospital or a nursing home, so she braved it out alone at home until the Lord decided she had finished the race and took her to be with him. Mercifully he didn't let her suffer on the floor where she was found in the kitchen. The coroner said she was gone before she hit the ground. She has such forethought that she laid out her family death benefits from the veterans, the money to cover her funeral expenses and even wrote her own obituary. She put things out for us to find easily and left us all love notes, which I will treasure forever. While listening to your station today you played a song talking about how "You're in a better place" and it goes on to talk about how "I feel so sad because it's going to be so long before I can see your face again." I take great comfort in knowing my mom was a Christian believer and she is at peace with no more pain or suffering or heartache. But I miss her desperately. I guess this isn't really a prayer request as much as a testimony to my one true hero, the one I could always count on here on earth to never turn her back on me, but to love me through all my stages of life. God gave me a wonderful mother to love me and I will always be grateful I had her, even though in my opinion, it was far too short. As Plumb says, "God, I need you now!" Thanks for your kind prayers of healing.

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Hello Dear Sister-in Christ

Hello Dear Sister-in Christ -

I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful, kind, loving and best friend - your mother.

I smiled through unshed tears reading your tribute to her and her unconditional love she had for you and your siblings.

I remember when we lost my father and the incredible & indescribably pain that comes in waves after wards. Breathing was all I could do. Please allow your spiritual family to lift you up in prayer as you cling onto our dear Savior. the pain will lessens a little everyday.

Soon, slowly & softly the memories will strengthen. And with your tears will come healing.

God Bless you dear sister

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