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After years of caring for my parents by myself and having had cancer myself last year, I decided it was time to find a retirement home for them. Originally from Washington State, we all 3 decided to move back up there. A couple weeks ago I flew up and rented out the last 2 bedroom apartment in an assisted living facility. Its a very nice place and I think they will be quite comfortable. Here's the prayer request, I too will be leaving Vegas and a great job here. I do not particularly like Vegas and this move is a Blessing for me. I need to find a job where I will make $19 an hour and find a place to live that I can afford. I do not know what that will be given I haven't found a job yet that will pay me what I need. I have a few months left here to tie up lose ends and get the house moved up to Washington. I need God's guidance that it will go as planned. I have not seen any red flags yet, but sometimes I am blind to those and just need clarity and a couple miracles. My health has suffered quite a bit since my diagnosis and I'm exhausted. I have no support here to care for my parents and in Washington I do. I need God's help and your prayers. Thank you so much for giving me this forum to ask for your prayers. God Bless you. Love you all! Liz Mason

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Liz Mason
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I will pray for you! This

I will pray for you! This seems like a wise move for you and your parents. You are a good person to take care of them. By honoring your mother and father, God will surely bless you. Stay strong.


Praying for all of you! God

Praying for all of you! God is watching as you follow the path He laid for you.



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