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Bipolar/manicdepresion, winning by a million:; Me-0 :(

I'm trying, I really feel I am trying so hard to fight this. I love your inspirational music, one of the only things that lifts me up. But I am also in agreement with the whole Way-overdoing Christmas music way to early. Especially for those of us who hardly make our bills and put a smidge of food in our pantry. I wish So much I could give. I wish I could be a part of that "Christmas Giving" thing on Fridays. I wish I could give to ministries and your radio station. I wish I could afford even a lousy Christmas card for my kids and grandkids. But, AGAIN, no Christmas this year. How many years can you go trying to comfort that kind of hurt with, "oh, don't look at that part", "keep your eye on the reason for the season", blah blah blah. Not working any more. I have even turned off the radio station because it hurt so bad to keep hearing over and over again....Give! Give to us! Give give give!Another reason I turn the radio off is the "newer" "Christmas" music, this generation does not know how to respect the Written music of those who have gone before us, they change the music and the words to make it "their own", thus spoiling what good memories us older people have for those cherished old songs.(How selfish is That! It's not about THEM!) There are so many of us unaccounted for people who so wish we could give and help, but we can't. It hurts people...can Anyone understand this? Go look for help? Oh, no. Only for the destitute and people with kids. I have no health insurance, my health is going, and fast. I don't qualify for any of the programs that are offered. I keep praying, I keep having faith, but I sure wish Jesus would HURRY AND GET HERE! I Don't belong here. I Don't want to be here anymore. I'm tired, and sick, and almost hopeless. I'm tired of crying all the time. I don't believe in churches anymore, to many bad people ruined that for me. I do know that there are Some good Christians still out there, but most are wolves in sheep's clothing, I can't trust them any more. Watching the destruction of 3 churches will do that. But I do believe in God, I believe Jesus is His Son, I believe in the Holy Spirit, and His Holy Word. That is all I have, and I Barely cling to that. I pray that God and Jesus help me thru another bah-humbug Christmas. I pray that satan doesn't win. I pray that Something gives soon and maybe, I can get the help I need, and Maybe, I can get to know what joy and happiness are, instead of stress and sadness and hopelessness. I pray, 'cause that's all I can do. To everyone, Merry CHRISTmas! I pray for a Bright New Year with Hope for all. :( Losing the fight in Kingman

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Losing the fight in Kingman
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