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A broken family with a broken heart

Hello My name is Paula. I've been listening to your radio station for one year. My story starts 16 years ago when I met a wonderful young boy my last month of high school we started going out and 6 years later got married. we have two beautiful children. last September he asked me for a divorce. With a broken heart I asked him why? He said I was not the right one for him, and he wanted out.6 months after the divorce he married his co-worker whom he has been having an affair with for 2.5 years (an attorney). He was a regular blue collar worker,6 years ago he became a lawyer. I noticed how much he was changing and how he started to distant himself from me. I noticed he stop taking me out with him to his lawyer events and parties. I figured he just wanted time alone. I found out by him the reason why he never took me to his events was because he didn't want to share his life with me. if he had to take me he'd rather not go. He became ashame of me because I'm not an attorney, and I'm hispanic like him. To my surprise he now refers to me as a "Wet Back" that wants his money, unsuccessful, and a horrible mom. I'm so hurt and broken, I can't understand why he feels so embarrassed of me. I have college education, I look good, and my priority has always been my family. My divorce is very dificult and full of many sad nights. My ex decided he doesn't want to speak to me so it's been 7 months since we talk. I've realized I can't force him to love me for who I am. He made the choice to end our marriage, but I can' understand why he won't speak to me not even about our children. He left when I was unemployed, He left my children with no home, broken furnture, and he won't help me with their necessities. My entire family is in Florida and he is trying to conviced his mom from speaking to me. Because his new wife doesn't feel comfortable me been in contact with her. I found work 2 months ago, so I'm trying to get myself up. He is now planning on leaving my children with no health insurance because he believes my child support is more than enough. Keep in mind he became an attorney while we were married, we worked very hard as a couple for him to reached his goal. He's an attorney for the county where insurance is inexpensive. Please pray for my children and I to find a good place to live, health, prosperity, but most of all love and mercy from the lord. Pray for him find the lord and to realize that I am worth a lot. He became an atheist and needs GOD. I can't express how broken apart I am. all I can say is some days I want to end it. Thank You! GBY.

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Paula Feliciano
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