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Broken relationship

I ask for prayer for a relationship that lasted almost 8 yrs. We have been broken up for more than a yr. During this year many things have happened between us and to us individually. He is currently in jail facing deportation, but the BEST part about all this is, he has been saved. He calls me at least once a week and writes a letter every week. He has not spoken about his feelings towards me, and I dont feel its the right time to ask, but one of the first questions he asked me on his 1st phone call was "are u in a relationship"? to me that shows interest on his part, but I dont know what to think exactly. I did tell him I still love him and now I dont know if that was ok to do. I have dreams with him almost every night but they aren't very clear to me. I sometimes feel its the enemy that wants me to doubt. Thru all this I've always felt in my heart that somehow God will bring us together and we will get married one day. Of course I'm not 100% sure if he is the man God has created to be my husband. I am praying that everything goes as God desires and if he is the one for me that I may become the wife that he deserves and he becomes the husband I deserve for Gods' glory! Even though I love him I will truly let him go if that's Gods' will. I pray that He fills both of our hearts with forgiveness for all the things we did that hurt us & our relationship. Please pray for us. J & E

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