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Cancer Problems

Dear SOS Team,

Well, hello my name is Jordan K. and I think Scott would like to read this because he still might remember me. I used to call a lot, HeHeHe! So my aunt Liz just got the news about a week ago 'she has cancer.' And so when I first thought this I was devastated, but I knew that if our whole family prays for her and also you guys, she can pull through. She will be out of the hospital soon and live with my newly weeded sis, and stay there until shes back on track. So I was wondering if the SOS crew would call me and pray with me (# is 702-676-1144) I think that would be really nice, and special, and I know what u guys have to do every single day, but I know u guys enjoy it and and u guys are blessed to have the job u guys have!!!!:D

Sincerely, Jordan R. Krejci

P.S I was wondering if u guys would be able to play Tenth Avenue North- Strong enough to save and announce this publicly and record it for me if that's possible!:D

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Jordan R. Krejci (Aunt Liz)
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approved, published


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