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Car Accident, Mom & Son

Hi there,
My son (who is seven) and I were in a car accident last night; we are doing well this morning, no serious injuries only a little sore. We were hit while making a left hand turn from the freeway offramp and were struck by a driver that ran a red light. We would like prayer for the other driver, we don't know if he is ok or not but I believe he is. We would also like prayer for a new car and/or transportation until we get a new car. I am the sole provider for my family and this was our only running vehicle. My husband isn't working and his vehilce isn't working either (he believes it may be the timing belt), money is very tight and we don't have the money to fix his vechile (I am planning on using my tax return to get his car working again, but that is a while off yet). We haven't done any Christmas shopping and was budgeting enough to do Stocking Stuffers for the kids, but now with the car accident...
If you could please pray for Godspeed in providing transportation/a new car for our family we would greatly appreciate it. God Bless You and Merry Christmas.

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Jennifer McGuire
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God is in control of that

God is in control of that situation. I know how it is with money being far as being Christan goes Praise GOD you were ok for the most part, and keep praying for the other driver too. Your only option may be to see if he had insurance seeing as he/she was in the wrong. I would consider lifting that up.

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