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cast the demon out of my husband

I need to my marriage restored.I heard a song today on the way to church, and it spoke to me on everything I felt and how God will restore my marriage if we can fast forward to the future. My husband, who left me, we both believe we are made for each other by God. Take our vows seriously, however my health is not good and needing surgery after surgery for my lungs, I can't work I had 2 strokes and a heart blockage within the last 2 1/2 years. So my husband is the only working, works 2 jobs to support our big family. And with that I need my husband to also be there for me. And he decided to give up on me and our marriage, we have be married for going on 7years this march. He's fed up with everything, lack of sleep, lack of money, tired of things breaking down when trying to get ahead, me asking him to rub my non circulating left side,not being there for all our children.And he's had it, he gave up on me,and our marriage. Though he says he can live without me,I can't we made a lifetime commitment in front of God. I always stuck by his side, through good and bad, and he just can't right now. I need God to open his eyes, heart, soul, and mind. My husband says he loves me, but not enough to fight and try to see our marriage through. Please I need God to restore my marriage and cast out the demon who has my husband's mind who made him just give up.That's not what marriage is about, you don't bail when things get too tough and overwhelming! And he needs God to make him awake.We need God to be in the middle of our marriage.

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I want to offer a bit of

I want to offer a bit of advice to anyone looking to find help on saving their marriage/relationship. Me and my husband had a torrid time for a whole decade; all our family & friends constantly advising us to get a divorce but we knew it would break our 3 children’s heart. We tried so many different things to save our marriage and from trial & error we came across a very helpful tool online that has worked extremely well for us: contact email [email protected]

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