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child support/custody

My request is that legal documents regarding custody issues between my ex-husband and myself will be filed thoroughly and on time. I pray that the judge will see the truth of the matter and dismiss my ex's motion. I also pray that our 9 year old son will NOT be adversely affected by whatever the outcome is. I know God is in control! Please let the humans involved be open to His influence. Thank you friends for your prayers!

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Mary Ellen
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King David once asked the

King David once asked the LORD: "Don't let me fall into the hands of man." Whenever troubled times come for me.. I always pray this. I feel peace then.. knowing I have asked the LORD to be in control of the situation and to make the outcome happen as He sees fit. Not every time does it resolve the way I had hoped and at times this causes me to wrestle with GOD... but in the end.. I am always like Job..end up putting my hand over my mouth and understanding that His way is best when I see the result in hindsight. Praying for you this evening and your child, ex and those concerned.


Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate them!

My Lord, my God, please don't let me fall into the hands of man!

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