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Chronic Pain in My Knees

Hello Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

I am coming to you all in hopes of Prayers for Healing and Dealing with the Chronic Pain in both my Knees. I have Ostearhritis in both which makes walking, standing, and everyday activities harder to deal with everyday.
Also if you could pray that I find a Dr that would be willing to help me, I don't have insurance currently and I fell like I just want to give up. I am doing all I can to lean on God and surrender all my pain on a daily basis.

Thank you all and God Bless

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Lawrence Robles
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Hi Lawrence, I am

Hi Lawrence,
I am sorry you have to deal with pain.
I have osteoarthritus in my knees also. I currently have a good book about it that has suggested some supplements. Not just any brands but these are ones that were tested in studies.
You could try a supplement by Nature Made called Triple flex and also one called avocado soy unsapifiables 300mg a day. They have it at Swansons vitamins, they called it avovida there. Also they say capsaican cream really helps also and I think that's at walmart. Email me with any questions you may have as I really do lots of research with natural supplements. My email is [email protected]. Overall I will pray for you, I believe God works in mysterious ways and I believe him for healing. God Bless

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