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Complicated and heartbreaking pregnancy.

My husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child this past May. The pregnancy was going great up until about 16 weeks. We found out that somehow the amniotic sac ruptured and I have been continually leaking all the amniotic fluid. The doctors are pushing, and have been for the last month to terminate the pregnancy. My husband and I refuse, this is the baby the Lord blessed us with and we love it with all our hearts. The complications started piling on. If there is no amniotic fluid our baby boy, Cooper, will not develop lungs. And if by a chance he does develop lungs they will be too weak to keep him alive for very long after birth. Or he will live a life of chronic bronchial problems and now he are saying he will probably have severe mental retardation. To add to this he cannot move in the sac because there is no fluid around him, so his muscles and bones will not develop correctly and he will have to spend the first while of his life in physical therapy. The doctors and staff continually say he is going to die and has no chance of survival, but I just don't want to believe that! I know that God has a beautiful plan for my baby boy, and though it is hard to think about, I know that little Cooper could live his life with the Lord and it would be a beautiful fulfilling life! I want the Lord's will to be done, but I also want this little guy here at home with me! We are so heartbroken about the whole situation and know that the Lord has a purpose and lesson behind everything that we have and continue to go through. I have faith in the Lord and know that he is in control!! I know he will take care of us!

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