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Confusion and frustration..has lead me to forget what The Lord has planned for me

Everything lately has been so jumbled and it's with my friends all there drama we can't have normal conversations and with my family I don't know what to do my mother is happy one minute but if she has a bad day or something bad happens to her she takes it out on everyone else and will ruwen our days she talks bad about everyone and every thing. And my step dad will let her boss him around as well as my little sister I pray things will get better and my faith was slipping but I talked to a friend that has the least drama and he helped me get back in the right mind set the drama really isn't my problem it's what my friends say and do they'll cut and curse and do the unthinkable to themselves they've tried commuting suicide and I've been the one to stop then and tell them how much The Lord loves them yet they don't believe me. It really gets to me and stresses me out and I've become depressed and it's been 3 years now I need help and guidance. And tonight I was doubting The Lord and I turned on SOS radio and I'm glad I did..I just need help. For me and my friends

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