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custody battle over grandson

My daughter is 27 now she had my first grandbaby at 16 ive help raise him off and on throught his life well i have gaurdianship again and have had him for three yrs now due to my daughter picking the party life and the new boyfriend over her own child.He's a straight A student and keep him active,he wants to play the violin nxt yr :-)well now all of a sudden my daughter wants him back now she has another baby too 9months.Her boy freind is a looser they both don't have a job they live in temparary housing.She thinks she can finacially suport them all and provide a good home for him .They fight constantly pawn everything they have till the colledge money comesand then evertthing is good again.There's no stability for my main concern is for them to work and prove to me that they can and will provide for him,then he may go back to his mother. court is this May 7th please pray that the courts will allow me to keep providing and teaching my grandson the good life with god.My daughter hates me and pulls the pitty card and that's what hurts the most.she can't just say thank you for everything mom and i understand and agree to the situation which is for the well being of my grandson.My heart breaks and hurts that my own daughter would say such mean things and truly beleive that i just need everyones prayers to touch her heart and please help me as well .Thank you so much i listen to your station daily it's in my car,my house,my phone and MP3 player that i listen to everynight when going to bed Thank you and god bless you all your wonderfull. :-)

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D Vosnick
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