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I'm still struggling with my addiction to alcohol and fleshly desires, and living with daily remorse, feeling helpless& hopeless. I pray for Gods help and he helps me, then I find myself turning my back on him/God. Making selfish decisions, being self centered and resentful toward others and being angry& bitter. I ask for prayer on my behalf for deliverance from my hurts,habits and hang ups. Prayer that God opens doors in my life with living conditions, employment. Prayer that I can find a Christian living environment, consistent employment. I really scared and can't seem to relax or rest, sometimes feeling suicidel, and ready to give up on life. I need help.
Thank you SOS staff for prayer. God bless your radio mininstry..

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God has an amazing plan for

God has an amazing plan for you. Follow the signs and direction that God places into your heart. You've been put on this earth for a reason and God is there for you every step of the way. Believe in him and know that he would never give you anything you couldn't handle. The helplessness and hopelessness will go away. Believe in yourself. Trust in God. Everything will be OK. :)

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