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A Dancing Dreamer

Hi, folks. Today I'd like to lift up a few things in prayer...

-My older brother cut himself off from our family and is involved with a cult

-My middle sister ran away last year because she wants to join him and his group, and she seems to be getting healthier now, but I know she doesn't believe that we love her, no matter how much we love on her

-My third sister has had back pain for a while- God healed her of scoliosis a few years ago, but as she's matured, her chest has become too heavy for her back to support, and she suffers from self-esteem issues

-I'm a dancer in a professional ballet company, and my knee problem (patellar tendinitis) is getting worse and worse, but we start our season next week

I can testify to the fact that God supernaturally healed my shin splints in a prayer service when I was 14, and he healed my stress-induced asthma in a prayer meeting three weeks ago; but I've been praying for my knee for three years now, and thankfully my kneecap hasn't busted, but I'm terrified that it will if God decides not to heal it instantaneously.

I can't even kneel down without pain in my knee. And I can't just stop dancing because I "might" be injured, but I don't want it to get worse to the point where I actually can't dance anymore.

Dance is the most prominent gift that God gave me, and I use it to glorify Him. All I want to do is share His love through my dancing talents, and I know that He wants me to dance for Him.

So please pray for my brother to turn back towards the light and contact us, for my sister to realize that she truly belongs with her family and we love her, for my other sister's back pain to be relieved and for her to realize how smart and beautiful she is, and for my patellar tendinitis to go away completely so I can be strong in my faith and in my dancing.

I feel like it's a lot to ask, but Jesus said ask and you shall receive... so I'm asking.

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Dear Ariel, Yes, all you have

Dear Ariel, Yes, all you have to do is ask and you will receive. Pray without ceasing. I am very new to praying for myself and others, but I feel for you as your world feels like it is falling apart. Keep the faith. I pray that God watches over you and your family as you stuggle to restore the family. Amen.

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