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Daniel R. Paez

My son, Daniel, is a fourth grader and is in the risk of being kicked out of school. He will be nine in three weeks and his behavior/teasing towards other students seems to be out of control. The school has categorized his behavior as bullying, sexual harassment, dangerous threats and even vandalism. He finds he behavior funny and thinks that is cool to get in trouble, he has said several times that he enjoys being in trouble.

I feel that I am loosing grasp on him and exhausted all ways to try to reach him with words. He doesn't seem to care and his continuous behavior almost feels as a mockery to what we talk about when defining wrongs and rights and the making of better choices when tempted to do what is wrong. I don't know what to do with him anymore, he is only eight and doesn't want to go to school anymore because he feels that everyone hates him and everyone is giving him a hard time so that he can get in trouble.

His behavior is affecting me at work, school and our home, his actions need to turn around or he is facing being expelled, and as a full-time working single parent and student, and another child at home, I just can't put a hold on everything just to go babysit him at school to make sure he is behaving. I don't how to reach him anymore.

Please keep him and our home in your prayers. Thank you so much.

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