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My daughter desperately needs prayer. She is 30 years old and a couple years ago chose to turn to the gay lifestyle. I pray daily for the Lord to make her hate the lifestyle. She was saved as a teenager so I know the Spirit of the Lord is in her, she's just choosing to ignore it. She knows I don't approve or accept her lifestyle but she only takes that as a rejection. She also mentioned to me just yesterday that Jesus must hate her because she's gay, and I told her no, he loves you deeply, he just hates the lifestyle you've chosen. So the knowledge is there in her mind, but the evil spirit of this lifestyle right now is more powerful than God's. I know God is working on her every moment of the day, but I pray that He brings people in her path to help guider her. Please pray for her.

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I am 19 years old, and I

I am 19 years old, and I myself have chosen a lifestyle that is not what the Lord has intended for me. I'm not gay, but I have chosen to move in with my boyfriend of 4 years before marriage.

Every single day, I receive an email or encouraging text message from my mother about a scripture or thought that God has put on her heart that particular day. It is helping me very much figure out what it is I want to do at this point of my life. Knowing that my parents haven't abandoned me even though they don't agree with my choices either...has made me feel like there is hope. Do not ever give up on her, because if she has the spirit of the Lord in her like I know I have it in me...deep down...I know he will help me and also your daughter, come to know the right thing to do. It is likely that she feels like there is no way out because choosing a "lifestyle" feels like something that you can't go back on. It feels like a commitment that you've made to yourself, that don't want to give up. But deep down there is a yearning.

Pray for her daily. Let her know how much you love her and what you are praying for. I'm coming to realizations, and I know she will too. One day it is going to click, and it's because you never gave up and never stopped loving and praying for her.

I haven't prayed in a very long time... It makes me feel like a hypocrite. But I will pray for this for you. I know how you must feel, because I know how my own mother feels. I hope that I will be able to feel the presence of the Lord in my life and let it come through, and the same for your daughter.

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