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Death of 2 yr old little boy

Please pray for peace that only God can give for a dear family who lost their 2 year old little boy and grandson on Monday due to an tragic accident in their home. There is a twin little girl to this little boy, pray she'll adjust to her twin brother not being there anymore. This so heartbreaking.

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Sherry Fisk
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Please pray for a family

Please pray for a family friend named, John Lungu. His family has been fighting for him during his bout with what is believed to be stomach cancer. Pray that God will heal and restore this family. Pray that God's mercy and power will be revealed. Please brothers and sisters, join me in praying for John and his family and for all of the others on this wonderful site.

Yours in Christ,


Oh Jesus we plead the blood

Oh Jesus we plead the blood and mercy over John Lungu we just pray that you will remove this pain that he has. Oh everlasting god I know your great so if this is suppose to happen then you will remove the pain and suffering from John Lungu oh Jesus I just praise your name In gods powerful and glorious name, Amen

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