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Death of Uncle

My uncle passed away last night. I was VERY close to him and would like to speak at his funeral. I have spoke at other family members funerals before and felt totally at ease. I knew it was all the LORD. I am having a hard time putting my thoughts together.
I am also very upset with my sister who doesn't want me to talk at all, this will cause a family upset. But I need to speak to put closer to his death. I would like to play a song about letting go and rejoice that my uncle is in heaven.

please help and pray for me

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I am so sorry about your

I am so sorry about your uncle. I have prayed for you and believe that Jesus will bring you comfort and is able to use you for His purposes despite your hard times. There is one vital thing you need to understand, and that is the people of this Earth belong to God and have never belonged to us. The Devil will try to turn your mindset against God and will try to make you angry at Jesus, but stand fast against him and he will flee.
Here are some Scriptures that might be able to help you:
Ecclesiastes 3:4
Philippians 4:4 (despite the hard times)
Romans 8:28

Be blessed. We serve a good God.

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