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In debt

I've been buying small Christmas gifts for the people I love because I love putting smiles on people's faces, especially during the holiday season. But, recently, I overdrafted my bank account by a mere $7, and now I have this big overdraft fee.

I don't have an income- I was spending money that I had saved up from birthday presents. My parents also overdrafted their bank account, but that was because of bills that didn't go through right away. They also got charged a fee that's even larger than mine... so now my whole family has a negative number in our bank accounts, and we're starting to really struggle.

The fees are amounts that usually wouldn't be a problem for most people, but for us, they're pretty high. And, of course, they're going to keep increasing if we don't pay them soon, which we can't. I have faith that God will provide... but please pray for us to keep showing love to each other, and to trust in God, because He is always watching over us.

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