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Demonic Spirits?

Please pray for a person I know Victoria... After visiting a psychic for a reading she has been having unexplainable activity in her house,between 10 pm-2am mainly surrounding her son (2 yrs) old and his room. She does not believe in God but she has reached out to a minister and he had told her "God can't help with your haunting, it's not good vs evil, god vs.demons" Well I am afraid of this thing hurting someone. An overwhelming rotten sulfer-like smell appeared after she obtained "greek holy water??" now her two sons woke up with bite marks on on the mouth of the 12 year old one on the leg of the 2 yr old. There have been scorch marks on the babys mattress in the crib, wheels taken off the crib toys going off even ones with no batteries, cats wont go downstairs to the litter box anymore they are peeing everywhere,weird voices through the baby monitor.. I'm not sure whats going on but maybe a lot of prayer or any suggestions....

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I told her to put SOS Radio

I told her to put SOS Radio on in the room where most of the stuff happens and just leave it playing. So far so good. She didn't stay at home last night but nothing major has happened she's noticed. When she came home this morning the house seemed peaceful for the 1st time in weeks.


Well she left SOS playing in

Well she left SOS playing in the house and didn't really go home much since Tuesday. Last night when she came home the radio was broken. This morning her 2 year old had blood stained sheets and black pebbles up his nose. I'm really starting to worry about the safety of everyone. Please keep praying.

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