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Dental work

I am reaching out to SOS and there listeners for help. I am in need of dental work as soon as possible. Need a root canal ASAP. Been trying to reach out to dental schools and local dentist offices, but there is nothing I can afford. I recently lost my job and even when I was working my job didn't offer any type of health care. Please I beg you to help me in anyway you can. My email is [email protected]. Praying that God comes through and sends me help. Thank you.

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Samantha Burke
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I pray that God would bring

I pray that God would bring the help you need, that hearts would be softened, and those who have the ability to help will reach out to you. Also that the lord would bring healing and healing from any pain.

I went through a similiar situation, I was dealing with physical pain at the time. I had no medcal insurence but was referred to a doctor through a friends friend who knew someone. I made an apt. It was going to cost me $300.00 just for consultation. I thought Lord I dont even have the money to see this dr. A friend blessed me with the money to see the dr. On the day of the apt. The dr. asked me if I had a job or insurence. I said no to both. Praise God the dr. didn't allow me to pay anything. I was able to give my friend back the money for the consultation. I know the Lord sees your situation, and he will come through for you also. God Bless

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