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Please pray for me as I have been suffering from yrs of severe recurrent depression, post traumatic stress syndrom & multiple personal disorder.. I have had several suicidal attempts & some recent attempts. This has put a strain on my 5 children as well as my marriage of 10 1/2yrs... it is a daily struggle & something I will live with the rest of my life as I have come to realize it, however as supporive my husband tries to be he doesn't understand it and I fear that he will leave me because of it as he already has in the past. I have walked away from my savior as things got dark & I need him so much in my life & I pray you all can pray for me with my faith as well as my sickness & my relationship with my husband and kids. Thanks so much. Sheri Mettler

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Ok, God Help! I can give you

Ok, God Help! I can give you one thing i do with my kids... I tell them that it is not their fault! Ever since i started hearing my thoughts (which believe me in the beginning i thought were people trying to drive me crazy) it took God years to show me they were my thoughts. But i remember people always saying that kids are just kids and whatever we adults do can affect them, so seeing they saw me like this i just kept telling them it's not your fault and they seem to be able to separate my issues from who they are. Although now that i'm writing this i might ought to stop telling them they are gonna grow up to be just like me. lol
Still a work in progress! Aren't we all
Turn to Jesus!

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