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Suffering from depression, worried about the stigma attached to mental health issues, worried about friends pulling away cuz of that. Feeling very stupid cuz of mistakes made, and ashamed of it all. Very sad tonight.

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angie... please don't worry,

angie... please don't worry, Jesus loves you right where you are! I just had lunch at a diner outside and my friend said do you want to eat outside and i said i'm ok with it but you might not want to be seen with me, see last tuesday i took my car to the shop... and when they told me what was wrong i was convinced they were trying to rip me off so i lost control and then i walked down the street yelling and crying, yelling at my thoughts that i could hear in my head, (of which in moments of high stress like this i lose all rational knowledge that they are just my thoughts), yelling at God... we ate outside and discussed my issues, she was not ashamed of me and you will find that your friends just want to help and that some of your real friends have no idea how to help you. When i finally talk to God and process what i'm really thinking and ask for forgivness my depression goes away and i am once again able to listen to SOS. Our friends are just as afraid as we are and we all handle things different. Me... I yell, then cry, then yell and cry more, then obsess about it, then turn to God to seek forgiveness, then let God Heal me. Keep turning to Jesus and He will help you!!!

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