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I have been lost and confused for years now and I've finally have come to terms with my depression. I am receiving help and medications but sometimes the depression still lingers on my emotions. I feel like taking my life away and I feel that my prayers have not been answered. I'm losing faith, I'm losing myself. I need prayer, I need a helping hand because I don't know how much longer I can take.

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Stay strong and don't give up

Stay strong and don't give up hope. I'm going down the same road and we can get through it <3


Brother or Sister. Always

Brother or Sister. Always remember who you are. You are the Lords child. His intention is for you to live in the fullness of His glory, love, peace, joy and righteousness. The road your on is now yours to fight. Take a moment and reflect on the the reasons that may bring you to feel lost, tired and weary. Depression is a symptom of things left in our heart that we haven't fully surrendered to the Father. You are so much more and so precious to the Lord. Remember the Lords promises and take victory over your life through Him. I understand that life seems like its spinning out of control. Be still and see with the eyes of His heart, listen to His voice which is the Holy Spirit that resides inside you. Let fear be as far from you as the east is from the west. May there be order and peace in your life, have discernment and remember God is on the Throne! We are of the same body and the Lord is the healing hand. He doesn't want to just help He wants to deliver you and reconcile you back to the Throne. With all of the Love through Christ Jesus, your sister in the Lord.


depression is a state of

depression is a state of mind.

you must come to terms within yourself to fully surrender your heart & mind to God by crying out to him with your whole being and asking for his forgiveness. we have a merciful, loving, forgiving God who is waiting for you to cry out to him and to give him ALL your problems. whatever mistakes you've made in the past, you have to learn to let it go by admitting ALL your sins to him. when you're ready, if you did someone wrong, also ask for their forgiveness OR write it on paper if you don't want to talk/see this person(s). once written, ask God to forgive you, then burn it and let it go. in return, he will allow you to feel his holy spirit and liberate you from the bond that's holding you down.

if you must walk and talk to God, do so and if possible, bring a bible. he will answer you through his words.

hell is no place for the living. i've been there and back trying to rescue my husband from his depression and removed the chain that bounded his hands and feet. it's gloomy, lonely, dark and worse than what you're feeling now because it's eternity. coincidentally, you both have the same name.

God has been waiting for you to call his name to free your heart and mind. everything you've lost will be returned to you as long as you learn to trust in him by reading his word daily and attending church once a week.

it's a liberating feeling once you surrender your heart, your soul, your mind to him and you will see everything in the light.

God bless!


I have been battling the same

I have been battling the same issue. Years ago I was suicidal, but the only thing that kept me living was my three children. I got saved in 2002 and life was good. Depression was no where to be found. After dealing with a hurtful situation in my life a few years ago the depression found its way back into my life. I would often think about dying. I know suicide is wrong but I found myself begging God to just let me die..... until recently. One night, heart broken and crying uncontrollably I asked God why would He just let me stay here and be miserable and live an unproductive life. Then something happened.... The Lord allowed me to see my mother telling my two sons, who were grieving my death, that she was only going to keep my daughter because she couldn't handle them. In this vision my boys were crying and begging her to let them stay, yet she continued to say "No". Now Ive known that my mother has never really had patience to deal with my two boys, but I never would have dreamed that she would give them to someone who cant even take care of himself, their dad. But the vision didn't stop there. The Lord went on to show me my boys with their dad, crying and telling him that they missed me and wanted me back. Their dad went on to say "Stop crying. She is gone and she isn't coming back. You two are acting like babies. Get over it!" I was crushed. Needless to say, I have not asked God to take my life since. I know that I need to be here for my kids. God has a greater purpose for our lives than we can ever think or imagine. Just know that God is our comforter. Its still hard for me to cope sometimes, but when I find myself in that place I go and try to make someone else happy. I send a sister in church a random text to encourage her or I tell someone about how great my God is. Soon after I find myself excited and happy that God has me here and that I'm healthy and able to speak of His greatness. There is purpose for your life. Ask the Lord to show you what that purpose is and put action to it. God Bless!

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