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In desperate need of prayer

Im a 26 year old sister in christ,mother and wife, going thru a million trials at once Im getting tired of this life, I hear im here for a purpose, I need God to speak to me asap . I need God to restore my marriage,my relationship with him,im starting to let negative remarks affect me and it depresses me. If someone could please help me in prayer Id be forever grateful. Thanks and God Bless!!

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Desperate mother
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I'm Praying for you... your

I'm Praying for you... your not alone cause when you think you are... Ta da!!! That's when God is carrying you and He will carry you through this. and one day you will be on the other side of all of this... Like when you were having your baby the pain was great and then it was over and you saw what beauty God had drawn from that pain. You will get through this, Keep turning to Jesus, and when you can't tell Him you can't that's why He died for us and He loves us right where we are. Hang in there!!!


Believe it or not we all go

Believe it or not we all go thru trials in this life, and it's even worse in this economy. I am not going to babble on so I will say I have been in your shoes so keep positive, think positive and I pray you and your partner start communicating as that is how you will resolve any marital issues.

God bless


Psalm 30: 1-7, 91: 1-16.

Psalm 30: 1-7, 91: 1-16. Lifting up & your loved one high. God's Blessings To You :)

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