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Discernment in love and Gods Will

I have been dealing with a break up from the woman I planned on marrying for the past nine months now... we had a discussion tonight where she said she sees us as just friends. And that she feels distance is the best thing for me. Her actions have been all over the place and not someone who is done. Some of her and her daughters things are still in my house, she still has a key and an alarm and garage code. I feel as if God is telling me to wait, and not react to this and it will all come together in His time. I don't know how to do that I know His time is not ours and His ways aren't ours either. I'm having a hard time trusting and figuring out what He wants me to do in the meantime. And I know its is partly if not all because her and I are not equally yoked in our faith or our life walk...
If it is not meant to be for our families to blend then I understand that and would not want and do not want it, if it is not Gods Will. I pray then that she and her daughter will be safe and always be in Jesus's arms and light forever. And that we might actually be able to remain and be friends if that is truly what is meant to be. It just seems that she is not listening to the Holy Spirit and I wish that to be the case above all else. Even if we are not meant to be.
Please pray for us both and our daughters that we will have the discernment to know the true will of God for our live whether they be together or separate. And to know it and act on it always above all else.

Thank you SOS for this venue and all that you do for all the communities around the country and world with your ministry. You are truly a blessing!

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Daniel, you answered your own

Daniel, you answered your own question by stating that you are not equally yoked in your faith. I take that to mean that she is not a Christian. If she is not it is not God's will for you to marry her. I know that's not what you want to hear but is is truth. Be patient, God has someone tailor made for you. Trust Him.


Thank you, Liz is a christian

Thank you, Liz is a christian and it may not be Gods will for me to marry her and if that is the case then I will except exactly that. It is my wish for her and her daughter to have God in their lives and for them to listen to His spirit above her own understanding. We have both had our problems in the past with extremely abusive and unhealthy relationships with ourselves God and others. I just really hope she finds her way to Him. Again thank you for the words I truly appreciate it.


her name is Liz

her name is Liz


I think you hit the nail on

I think you hit the nail on the head... It all goes back to being equally yolked! I struggled A LOT with this in my own personal life. I finally met someone who is my equal and it is SUCH a different relationship than any other I have ever had or ever imagined that I could have.
Best of luck! Keep praying and keep your heart open!


Daniel, I know exactly what

Daniel, I know exactly what you're going through. Remember God is faithful, and like you said his ways are not out ways and regardless of her beliefs, keep in mind that there is nothing IMPOSSIBLE for our Lord. I am keeping you in my prayers.


Just follow Gods path and he

Just follow Gods path and he will lead you into the right direction. God will help you if you believe in him and listen to him. Keep on praying and something great will happen. We hope great things happen in your life. We are all going to pray for you. Let your heart open. You will find someone special in your life. God will help you. Everything happens for a reason and maybe God will fill your heart up with love. Keep on praying.


You are wise to wait and

You are wise to wait and pray. Do not marry Liz or anyone for that matter until you have a clear green light from God. I made the mistake of going forward with marriage despite doubts. I got divorced 4 years later and while the marriage was not horrible and the divorce about as pleasant as divorce gets it left me damaged and opened the door for doubt to grab hold of me. I know it's hard to wait on God. I have prayed for you and I hope you will keep seeking him and only make a choice in this relationship when you are 100 percent certain you know his will.

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