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Doctors don't have any answers

I have been back and forth to doctors for the past 10 almost 11 months and every few months they have given me a different diagnosis. They change my meds, make me wait three weeks, and then have me come back for more tests. Nothing they do helps. No medication works. And I just keep getting worse. I live in pain everyday sometimes unable to take care of myself. This mystery illness is causing me so many problems besides being sick. I'm a college student failing classes. I'm afraid of being fired from my really good job because I end up having to call in a lot. I've been praying for God to give these doctors the answers to help me. And I feel like my prayers just aren't working. I need answers and I need healing.

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M, I suffered for six years


I suffered for six years with as you say a mysterious illness. I saw doctor after doctor and they only threw medication after medication at me. I found a doctor in Coeur D' Alene, ID that after only two visits diagnosed me correctly and after about 18 months I feel better than I have in about 10 years. I praise God for him daily as my quality of life was getting worse and worse and now I am regaining my health and therefore happiness.

His website is He is not a conventional doctor, but a strong Christian man who has dealt with his own issues. He does things very differently, which I love as I have lost all faith in conventional medicine.

I hope this helps. I will be praying for you!

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